Sometimes We Just Need a Spankin’

I am a dad of 4 kids.  Oddly, none of them wanted to model for a photo for this post.  They are good kids and I love and encourage them every chance I get.  As good as they are, they are still kids.  They make mistakes and learn from them.  Sometimes they try to push the limits of what is right and occasionally they cross the line.  I love them and encourage them, teach them and help them make better decisions, but sometimes they just need a spankin’. Continue reading “Sometimes We Just Need a Spankin’”


It is no secret to people that know me that I sometimes have a hard time making a decision.  I am basically lazy and I only want to do things once.  If I make the wrong decision then that generally means that I not only have to do it again, but fix whatever wrong decision I made the first time.  So I sometimes spend an incomprehensible about of time making what should be a very simple decision.  I am getting better… well, maybe not… yup, I’m getting better… well, let me think about that a minute… Continue reading “Yes”

A Double Standard

I hear people talk about “double standards”.  If this group of people can do something, then why can’t I?  If the boys can do this, then why can’t the girls do this?  Most of the time, it isn’t really a “double standard” but a logic fallacy on the part of the person making the claim.  The old saying “comparing apples to oranges”.  Occasionally I would tend to agree with them.  Sometimes I think it just isn’t fair Continue reading “A Double Standard”