Crossing the Line

As a dad, I want to help and encourage my kids in all their endeavors.  I want them to learn a healthy work ethic, to do what it takes to be good at what they do.  But there is a line somewhere between encouraging them and pushing them.  The line between having a good work ethic and being a kid.  Sometimes I cross that line and push a bit much, probably because I’m not sure where that line is.

I often hear people say “you have to start them in (sports/dance/music, etc.) early if they are going to be successful at it.”  I haven’t bought in to that way of thinking and do not agree with it.  What five year old knows what he wants to do with the rest of his life? Continue reading “Crossing the Line”

Why Church?

Seems to me we sometimes get confused on the purpose of the church.  We seem to have developed this mindset that “the church” is responsible for reaching the unchurched.  If we have the right style of worship, the right music, the right pastor, or the right programs, people will come and that is all we need to do.  Referring to last week’s post, I do believe that every church has a purpose and each church is going to attract a different group of people.  Programs, worship, and all the other stuff is useful and good, but it is not the main thing. Continue reading “Why Church?”

Kids Workbench

For Christmas, Owen asked Santa for a “real tool set with a real hammer and real nails”.  Apparently he was a little disappointed with the toy tool set he got last year.  He loves to help me work around the house on anything from yard work to remodeling.  So this year Santa brought him a real tool set and he promptly gathered his toy tools and gave them to his sister. Continue reading “Kids Workbench”