Six and a Half Days

As we begin a new year, I try to begin by reminding myself of what I am doing and why I am doing it.  The “why” is really more important than the “what”.  As I think about upcoming posts for this blog, I decided to take a few minutes today and remind myself what Six and a Half Days is about.

I began writing Six and a Half Days to remind myself what life is about.  As I write these posts, it forces me to organize my random thoughts enough to be able express them coherently… at least that’s my goal.  Life happens every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  As Christians, it seems more and more that Sunday mornings define our Christian walk and the other Six and a Half Days are filled with other things and often we leave our Christian walk at church every week.  Our actions, language, and behaviors change as soon as we get in the car to drive home.

This blog is about living life every day.  Sunday mornings are important and much needed; an essential part of life.  There are some occasional posts here about that half day, but the focus of this blog is the other Six and a Half Days.  How we live our lives every day. It is about living our faith, leading a family, and having fun.  It is about what we do after church and the rest of the week.  It is about living and leading.  It is about messing up and starting over.  It is about life and its struggles and victories.

My hope for this coming year is that, thorough this blog, you will find encouragement to live your life every day.  It is easy to be strong and excited about your faith on Sunday morning when you are surrounded by people who share that faith.  As we begin this new year, I hope you find a church to serve with, if you are already not a part of one, and commit to  live your life the other Six and a Half Days.