The Art Around Us

I like art.  I enjoy all types of art.  Music.  Dance.  Woodworking.  Painting. Creative writing.  Even sculptures.  Sometimes I don’t get it, but I appreciate the talent and effort that went into creating that piece.  I would have to say that my favorite art forms are the performing arts, like music, dance, and theater.  But I enjoy all types of art and each artist has their own unique set of talents and gifts to bring to entertain, educate, and enlighten us all.  To bring out the feelings inside us and stir up many different thoughts and emotions.

Some of the art, though, I just don’t get.  Have you ever wondered how some of this is really called art?  How in the world did this particular piece get put in a museum and why would anyone pay that much money… or any amount of money for this particular work.  A while back, I took the family to the Museum of Fine Arts.  A prestigious museum, well respected around the world.  As we walked around the museum, we had a pretty good laugh at some of these art pieces.  Particularly the “abstract” art, otherwise known as canvases with random, multicolored squiggly lines.  Please… someone explain to me how this is an art “masterpiece” worthy of being prominently displayed in a prestigious museum with a price tag in the thousands.  I’m pretty sure I can do something similar in my garage for about $75 (blank canvases are expensive).  Maybe I’m just in the wrong career and need a new publicist.

In the main lobby of this great museum was a rather large canvas.  This thing was probably 15 ft wide and 10 ft high.  It had a title, but I don’t remember what it was.  It had the artist’s name and it was valued in the thousands.  It was a blank canvas… or perhaps it was just painted all white.  Maybe it was a polar bear in a blizzard.  I really have no idea.  That was it for me.  I couldn’t take any more.  My wife and kids were all standing in front of this piece of “art”, gazing at it in awe… or maybe just trying to figure out how they could sell a blank canvas for thousands of dollars.  I stepped back to take a picture of them with my phone and the security guard quickly came over and scolded me as we cannot take pictures of the art.  They do not want anyone to be able to photograph the art and duplicate it.  What art!!  It’s a blank piece of canvas.  How hard is that to duplicate!!  I saw 30 or 40 in all different sizes that looked just like it at Hobby Lobby last week.  You have got to be kidding.  I can’t take a picture of my family standing in front of the very large blank canvas?  But, not wanting to make a scene in front of the kids… since we were apparently the only ones in Houston that thought they still had art at the Museum of Fine Arts and there was nobody else there… I politely tucked away my phone and we left.  At least it was free Thursday and I didn’t have to pay for this wonderful experience.

I really do like art, but there really has to be some effort put into it.  Don’t throw some paint on a canvas (which would have been an improvement on that particular work) or pick up an instrument and blow a few notes and call it art.  Art is something that takes time and effort.  It takes skill and talent and a creative vision.  Creating a true work of art engages the entire body; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  To enjoy a piece of art can stretch me mentally and emotionally.  There is art all around us.  We all need to take time to enjoy and appreciate the art around us.  Maybe we all need to take some time to create some art.  Some music or a dance or a painting.  All you need is a blank canvas.  I know a museum that has a large blank canvas just waiting for you.

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  1. Ha Ha! Great blog. I look at the beauty of the world that God created and wonder how in the world the weed made it into his art gallery. Apparently some folks find weeds to be unique on their own (and some weeds provide nutritional value.) But I, still, only see a weed.

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