I enjoyed my drive to work this morning.  The full moon was still suspended in the morning sky, shining bright off to my left.  On my right was an open field with low lying fog covering the ground and the orange sunrise peeking through the clouds and coming up over the trees at the far end of the field.  As I turned the corner and headed to work, the thought of fall on this beautiful October morning and cooler weather nearly brought tears to my eyes.

When I arrived at work, I opened the car door and began to sob.  The wonderfully cool fall weather turned out to be the car air conditioner turned down a bit lower than normal.  As the door opened, I was greeted by the mid October 90 degree, 97% humidity morning weather that we in Houston call a break in the heat. Eventually, while everyone else is enjoying winter, it will finally reach fall.  I love fall.  It is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  O.k.  Maybe two weeks.  The leaves begin to fall from the trees… because it’s time to, not because the trees can no longer stand the heat.  The birds are headed south for the winter, the mornings are actually cool and my energy level goes up.  I actually have to do something when I am outside to break into a sweat.  All the fall colors (green, yellow, and brown) are coming out in the trees that have survived the summer and people are more cheerful and friendly as they can finally go outside and breath air instead of water.

Fall is a great time for family.  I love getting outside and playing with the kids.  I do think it is a nasty joke God has played on us that when there is daylight until 9:00 at night, the humidity is high and the mosquito count is even higher and we really don’t want to be outside.  Now that the weather is enjoyable and we look forward to doing things outside, it gets dark at 4:00.

But, alas, I really do love fall.  The crisp mornings and beautiful weather reminds me that God still loves me and has created the 2 seasons (hot and not so hot) because he loves us and wants to give us relief.  By the end of the winter, we are begging to not be cold again and by the end of the summer we are crying because it seems it will never cool off.  Without the humidity, the world around me would not be so green, and I would not have to mow as much… but it wouldn’t be as green and colorful.  I do prefer the heat over the months of below freezing weather others get to enjoy.

Take some time this week to enjoy your fall.  A time to be thankful that God has made everything exactly right, even if we may not think so.

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