The Other Half Day

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Sunday morning is perhaps one of the most controversial times of the week.  There are a wide range of offerings and in some places it seems there is a church on every corner.  Down the street from where I live, there are five churches in a one mile stretch of road.  They each do things a little different and teach things a little different.  Which one is right?

Church sanctuary

Growing up, I had heard people say “this church was the ‘true’ church”.  I never could grasp that concept.  My dad always taught us to think for ourselves.  He also taught us that the “church” was all the children of God.  It isn’t a denomination or a building.  The “church” goes beyond all of that.  So why are there so many different churches?

As a nurse, the ball point pen is a very valuable thing.  Lay one down at the nurses station and it suddenly becomes public property.  Have you ever gone shopping for a pen?  The office supply stores have an entire isle of pens of all different shapes and sizes.  Why so many different pens?  Each one has a purpose.  Some people like the skinny pens, some like the fat ones.  Some like the fine point, some like the medium point.  Each pen meets the needs of a different person, but they all have the same purpose… to put ink on paper.

worshipThat is how I view church.  Each church has a purpose.  Each church can reach someone that the other churches may not.  Some people may be attracted to one church that others may not.  I have been to many different churches with a wide range of worship styles.  I have been to some with very entertaining bands, complete with costume and set changes in the middle of the service.  I have been to some with one guy leading the congregation in song with no instruments at all.  They are all reaching their community.  Each one has it’s purpose.  Each one will meet the needs of different people.  And each one is teaching about Jesus.

As you begin this new year and start over again tomorrow, I encourage you to find a church that you feel comfortable in and find a church home.  Remember, no church is perfect.  The church is not perfect because it is full of a bunch of sinners, like me.  A bunch of sinners that are trying to do the right thing.  Trying to learn and grow and become a better person.

Just remember… Sunday morning is only a small part of the week.  What really matters is what you do the other Six and a Half Days.

Next week we’ll explore this a little deeper.  Until then, I pray that God will work in your life and he will direct you to find a church that you can call home and a family that will encourage you and support you.


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