Kids Workbench

For Christmas, Owen asked Santa for a “real tool set with a real hammer and real nails”.  Apparently he was a little disappointed with the toy tool set he got last year.  He loves to help me work around the house on anything from yard work to remodeling.  So this year Santa brought him a real tool set and he promptly gathered his toy tools and gave them to his sister.

Our garage is a mess and I have lots of scrap wood leftover from past projects.  I hate to throw away wood… and so I collect.  It seemed a new workbench for the kids was in order.  A simple bench for them to build as much as they want.

I also began cleaning out my scrap wood pile and throwing a bunch of smaller pieces in a box for the kids to do with as they pleased.  I love seeing their creativity at work.  Gillian has cranked out the most projects so far, but they all have had a great time building.

It’s really a win for all of us.  The kids get out to the garage and give my wife a bit of time to herself.  The kids develop their creativity and skills with woodworking.  I get to do something useful with my scrap wood.

I look forward to sharing more of the projects from the kids over the coming months and years.

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