Ah… spring is in the air.  The days are getting warmer… not that they every really cool off much during the winters here.  Flowers are blooming and everything is turning green. No, really.  If it is outside, it is turning green.  O.k.  Maybe more of a greenish yellow.  The pollen covers everything that is outside.  I wash my car and the next morning it is covered solid with pollen.  I’m not sure why I really invest my time in such a pointless activity.  It does make me feel good for a day.

Spring is in the air, and allergies are going crazy.  Itchy eyes.  Sneezing.  Spring is such a great time.  I really do like spring.  Down south, I think the winter would be my favorite time, except I am rarely at home when when the sun is up.  I love watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  The sun is just coming up as I am driving to work and on the way home it is just on the horizon.  You know that spot.  Just between the sun visors and just over the top of the rear view mirror.  That one spot where you can’t see a thing and you can’t do anything about it.  I do like doing things outside and my time is very limited in the winters.  But the weather is pretty nice.

I love the time change and the longer days of spring.  It is nice to be home and see what my house looks like in the daylight.  Well… maybe not.  When it is dark, I can’t see all the things that need to be done.  The places that need to be painted… or have paint removed.  The power washing that needs to be done.  But at least in the spring the sun stays up long enough to do all of the extra chores before going to bed.

I do like spring.  The beautiful green grass.  The grass that I now get to mow every week.  The yard needs to be mowed and I am pretty sure I just mowed it two days ago.  And, thanks to the longer daylight, I can see that my yard is not really grass, but mostly weeds that have taken over.  Well, at least they are green.  But I enjoy yard work.  I like the enjoyment and the feeling of making things look good… well, at least better than they were.  Saying it looks good is really stretching it a bit.

Spring is a great time of renewal.  Spring cleaning and finding all the things I have misplaced since last spring and finally got around to replacing last week.  Renewed commitment to being healthy.  Sore legs and arms and … well… pretty much everything as I start exercising and using muscles that I haven’t used since last spring.  Exercise is good, though, and I do feel better.  I have much more energy and can now stay awake most of the day after taking my “non-drowsy” allergy medicine.

I really do like spring.  I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  And, it really does not matter if I like spring or not, spring has sprung.

What’s your favorite season?

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  1. I love this blog! I ‘needed’ a chuckle this morning and you supplied it. Thanks! I like spring too. Here in the great California Central Valley, which is technically a desert, the pollen is perhaps not as bad. But it is bad enuff! But, like you I still enjoy the beauty and wonder of all the things reawakening.
    But in truth, I like winter better here. Not as many problems with allergies, and there is Christmas!! I love the songs, the Hallmark movies, the decorations and lights on the houses, and absolute MINIMAL yard work. My completely brown thumb never has to deal with its total failure to keep plant things living and thriving during this time of year.
    But all in all, I guess each season has its ups and downs, and we are blessed by each in its own way.
    Good thoughts to help me grateful for all His blessings. Thanks!

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