I have never been a morning person.  Lately the concept of sleeping in has become something I do not understand.  On the seemingly elusive quest for a full nights sleep that continues to slip through my hands, the idea of sleeping in has become something I no longer grasp.  I love the days that I can sleep in, although these days, sleeping in is 7:00.  Not that I get to do that very often, either.  Even my weekends are getting filled with early morning activities.

So I finally get a night that I don’t have anything scheduled in the morning and … I CAN’T SLEEP.  I toss and turn all night.  My body is tired, but my brain is wide awake.  I would get up and go to the living room, but why should I be the only one who can’t sleep?  O.K…  so I finally get to sleep …
“Dad, I can’t sleep.” 
“Well now I can’t either!!  Go back to bed.”  
So now I finally get back to sleep and… oh… there’s the sun…  Well… that was pretty much a pointless night.  I may as well have just stayed up and done something productive all night.
I was talking with some friends a few days ago and the topic of sleep came up.  It was nice to know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t get any sleep and as I lay awake at night, somewhere out there are others like me who can’t sleep either.  Somehow that makes this night a little better.  
What helps you sleep?  I mean other than locking your kids in a sound proof room.  What helps you sleep?  For some, it is a good glass of wine before bed.  Some a cup of hot tea.  When I worked nights and had to sleep during the day, Benadryl was a trusted friend.  For me, a day of hard physical work is the best sleep aide.  A couple hours of physical work and getting things accomplished is better than anything else.  Of course the next morning everything hurts and I don’t want to get up, but at least I get a good nights sleep.  An evening of mental work, like writing this article, does the opposite.  I go to bed and my brain is stimulated and continues working and I can’t get to sleep.  Well, I guess I’m in for another long night tonight…  Unless, of course, I decide to go mow the lawn, or build a fence, or…  Well, the neighbors would probably not like me doing that in the middle of the night.  But then, again, why should I be the only one that can’t sleep?
What helps you sleep?  Share your non-prescription tips and tricks that help you get a good nights sleep.  Comment below and share this post with your friends to see what helps them sleep.

3 thoughts on “Sleep”

  1. It’s rare I cannot get to sleep. Reading helps: a Psalm and then some meditation & prayer; Sometimes a paragraph or a page or two of fiction. If I have tea or coffee too late in the evening, I am wired and then frustrated. Then it’s best to just get up and watch t.v. or write lists of “things to do.” If I’m in pain (arthritis) I get up and take two Tylenol and that settles me down. Pray The Lord’s Prayer slowly and meditate. Watch your caffeine!

  2. I pretend. I make up stories in my mind. I work on my own imaginary story or I place myself in a TV show…usually a western where I am beautiful, witty and the most perfect person you would ever want to meet. One night my husband couldn’t sleep so I put him in my story and before you know it, he was relaxed…until I fell asleep and he didn’t know how the story would end. The next day I informed him that he was to continue making up his own version to the story. Ha!

    My imagination and a warm bath will most certainly spell sleep for me!


  3. Though it doesn’t ALWAYS work…. I take my allergy med (Benadryl) at about 30 minutes before bed, along with melatonin. I usually am able to go to sleep within 5 minutes. However, I have three sleeping partners. 1 – my wife, who shares my bed and spends many nights getting even with me for all the years I spent keeping her awake with my horrendously loud snoring; 2 – my dog, who shares my bedroom, having her bed on the floor next to the head of my bed so she can be as close to me as I will allow, and she partners with my wife in the snoring department. She is a shi tzu. Short, almost non-existent snout that makes her a mouth breather when she sleeps, and she snore(t)s unbelievably loud for such a little dog; and 3 – my bladder, that shares my body, but seemingly has a mind of its own and seems to think that it really shouldn’t be bothered to hold on to any liquid consumed after about 5 pm!!! What’s up with that?!!! I’m supposed to go thirsty for the last 4 to 5 hours before I go to bed just for it’s convenience? Apparently it got that concession in the last labor negotiation that took place about the time I turned 50! (Darned unions!!!)
    So, I can definitely help my chances for sleep by adhering to the terms of the bladder labor contract. But moving the dog out of the room won’t work. I would trade her occasional snoring for continuous whining and/or barking to be let in. Besides, she is also an intruder alarm in case the electronic one fails. And as to my wife… well, there’s that whole ‘for better or worse’ thing in the covenant we made about 47 years ago, besides the fact she’s just so darned cute to watch sleep when I can’t!
    All in all, I have come to the conclusion that getting use to the occasional sleep deprived night is just something I will have to live with, because getting rid of the three primary disturbances…NO WAY!!!

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