So what is Six and a Half Days?

We get up on Sunday morning, clean up, get dressed and drive to a building.  We spend an hour with a bunch of people, many of whom we only see that one time each week.  Most of whom we barely even know their name.  We sing songs we like.  We sing songs we don’t like.  We listen to somebody talk to us for 30 minutes or longer.  Sometimes we listen, sometimes our mind wanders to the busyness of the week ahead.  When it’s all done, we shake a few hands, make some casual conversation and head back out to our  lives.  (More thoughts on church here.) What do we do with the other six and a half days?

Growing up as preachers kids, my wife and I were always at church every Sunday morning.  That was just what we did.  That, however, is the easy part.  Our purpose and hope for this site is to provide you with encouragement and resources for moving beyond Sunday morning and living the other six and a half days each week.  Living your life every day with the purpose that God has called you to live.  Life can be hard, confusing, and frustrating.  We hope that we can bring you a little bit of peace and encouragement.  Life can also be full of excitement, joy, and laughter.  We hope you can find that in our writings and that you will share some of yours with us.

Juliette grew up a preacher’s kid in central California, graduating from Fresno Pacific University.  Moving to Texas was supposed to be a temporary move for more education, but then she met me and decided to stay awhile.  Leaving a career as a history and government teacher, she is now a homeschool mom of four.  Juliette has also been active in the leadership of youth and women’s ministries.

I have also been involved in ministry most of my life.  Growing up in Kansas and moving to Louisiana during the high school years, and then to the Houston area in college.  I have been active in music and teaching ministries for about 30 years.  My career background includes customer service, nursing, and professional audio, and I remain active in the worship and technical arts through our church as well as other local ministries and organizations.

As a family, we love to have fun, be silly, and get out of the house.  We enjoy live shows, sports, the arts, the beach and seeing new things.

Our hope is that you can connect with us in some way as we continue to write and share our journey with you.  We look forward to hearing from you as you share some of your journey with us, too.

– Curtis