What If…

Six and a half days. What did you do in your last six and a half days?  I suspect yours was much like mine. I went to work. Shuttled my kids to their activities in the evening and in my spare time got a little house work done. On Saturday I spent the morning getting some house work and projects done.  On Saturday evening we went out to eat and enjoyed some family time. A somewhat typical week for me and I suppose for most of you. Continue reading “What If…”

Hard Work

I’m torn on the subject of hard work.  There is a part of me that likes hard work.  I like making a difference and seeing the things that I have accomplished.  I like working hard and doing the little extra to do things well.  But, on the other hand, hard work hurts and is very tiring.  I like to just sit and relax.  It is generally easier to sit and talk about what I am going to do than it is to actually do it. Continue reading “Hard Work”