A Balanced Life

I love my kids.  Sometimes it just seems like I can’t get enough time with them.  As they get older… or maybe I should say as I get older, the time just continues to slip away.  I think that if I could spend 24 hours a day every day with them, it wouldn’t be enough.  Somedays 5 minutes is more than I can take.  As a dad with a full time job, ministry leadership roles, and parents to help care for, there is a lot of activity to fill a limited amount of time.  It seems there is always one area of my life that is in dire need of some attention. Continue reading “A Balanced Life”

A New Year, A New Journey

So what is Six and a Half Days?  Growing up as preachers kids, my wife and I spent every Sunday morning at church.  That was Steeplealways a given.  I didn’t matter what else was going on in our lives, we were at church every Sunday.  But what was just as important, if not more important, was what we did the other six and a half days each week.   This is where we live the things we talk about on Sunday morning.  Those six and a half days is what this blog is about.  Yup, as preachers kids and ministry leaders our thoughts on church and ministry will also be a part of this, but most of this will be about what we spend the majority of our week dealing with.  Marriage.  Children.  Family.  Career.  Personal growth.  And everything else that goes on in our crazy lives. Continue reading “A New Year, A New Journey”