Get Excited

People who know me know that I am a pretty laid back guy.  I don’t get excited about very much and it takes a lot throw me off.  I’m basically a pretty boring guy.  One of the things I do get excited about is my faith in God and looking at everything God has done for me.

I have not always lived a Christian life.  Oh, I went to church every Sunday and spent a lot of time working at the church events, but my life outside of that didn’t always line up with what I was doing on Sunday.  Continue reading “Get Excited”

Picture This

I am a bit of a photo and video enthusiast.  I enjoy taking pictures and video of just about anything.  I think I have watched almost as much of my kids activities through a viewfinder as I have just sitting and watching.  So… maybe I have a bit of an addiction problem and that may not be the best thing. Perhaps a topic for another day.  We do enjoy sitting around as a family looking at old photos and video… if I can find the one I’m looking for. Continue reading “Picture This”

Giant Gorillas

Sometimes I get really frustrated with where I am in life.  I have dreams and goals that I haven’t even started, yet.  I have many unfinished projects.  I am often easily distracted.  I get deep into one project and an idea crosses my mind and I start working on it.  I end up with 14 unfinished projects.  Hopefully I’m not the only one who deals with this.  The frustration of the un-realized goals and Continue reading “Giant Gorillas”