Good Enough

“Good enough.”  That’s a phrase I hear and use often.  I was thinking about that phrase this week.  Yes… I often think about some pretty obscure things.  Maybe it’s the four kids.  Maybe it’s too much time at the pool watching kids swim back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and….  And maybe it really is because Continue reading “Good Enough”

What’s Important

Last week, I wrote about Leadership by Example.  I try to be that great roll model for my kids.  I am typically a very calm, easy going person, but sometimes situations or people (usually a combination of both) just really get to me and I become that perfect role model of what not to do Continue reading “What’s Important”

Leadership By Example

Yesterday was a Saturday like any other around our house.  We did some housework, played, and all the other stuff we usually do with one exception.  We had an electronics free day.  No TV.  No video games.  No phone or iPad.  No computer.  The amount of time spent on devices seems to be increasing around the house.  Partly because the kids are getting older and they use them for school work and learning how to do things.  Those things are great but Continue reading “Leadership By Example”