Picture This

I am a bit of a photo and video enthusiast.  I enjoy taking pictures and video of just about anything.  I think I have watched almost as much of my kids activities through a viewfinder as I have just sitting and watching.  So… maybe I have a bit of an addiction problem and that may not be the best thing. Perhaps a topic for another day.  We do enjoy sitting around as a family looking at old photos and video… if I can find the one I’m looking for. Continue reading “Picture This”


I have never been a morning person.  Lately the concept of sleeping in has become something I do not understand.  On the seemingly elusive quest for a full nights sleep that continues to slip through my hands, the idea of sleeping in has become something I no longer grasp.  I love the days that I can sleep in, although these days, sleeping in is 7:00.  Not that I get to do that very often, either.  Even my weekends are getting filled with early morning activities.

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Just A Thought

Last week I wrote about “What If…”.  What if we made some changes to the way we do things.  After I posted the article, I sat down and began working on my calendar for the week.  Much the same stuff as the week before.  It is hard to find “extra” time to do “extra” things.  How am I supposed to go help other people?  Change is hard.  It isn’t like I am sitting around for hours doing nothing.  I watch about 2-3 hours of TV on the weekends (not each day, but the whole weekend).  I don’t watch TV during the week.  I struggle to find enough time to do the things that are already on my “to do” list.  Continue reading “Just A Thought”