The Art Around Us

I like art.  I enjoy all types of art.  Music.  Dance.  Woodworking.  Painting. Creative writing.  Even sculptures.  Sometimes I don’t get it, but I appreciate the talent and effort that went into creating that piece.  I would have to say that my favorite art forms are the performing arts, like music, dance, and theater.  But I enjoy all types of art and each artist has their own unique set of talents and gifts to bring to entertain, educate, and enlighten us all.  To bring out the feelings inside us and stir up many different thoughts and emotions.

Some of the art, though, I just don’t get.   Continue reading “The Art Around Us”

Get Excited

People who know me know that I am a pretty laid back guy.  I don’t get excited about very much and it takes a lot throw me off.  I’m basically a pretty boring guy.  One of the things I do get excited about is my faith in God and looking at everything God has done for me.

I have not always lived a Christian life.  Oh, I went to church every Sunday and spent a lot of time working at the church events, but my life outside of that didn’t always line up with what I was doing on Sunday.  Continue reading “Get Excited”

Picture This

I am a bit of a photo and video enthusiast.  I enjoy taking pictures and video of just about anything.  I think I have watched almost as much of my kids activities through a viewfinder as I have just sitting and watching.  So… maybe I have a bit of an addiction problem and that may not be the best thing. Perhaps a topic for another day.  We do enjoy sitting around as a family looking at old photos and video… if I can find the one I’m looking for. Continue reading “Picture This”