Every Day

I have always enjoyed writing and I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts here from time to time.  As we go through different times or “seasons” in our lives, sometimes we don’t get to do some of the things we love to do because we are busy with other things.  But that is really what this blog is about.  Living life every day. Continue reading “Every Day”

Thanksgiving Top 10

It’s that time of year when everyone is listing what they are thankful for.  One thing I have never liked, is doing what everyone else is doing, just because they are doing it.  But, since the “top 10” is the thing to do and it is Thanksgiving week, I thought this week I would make an attempt to fall in line and do what everyone else is doing.  Continue reading “Thanksgiving Top 10”


Today, I am sitting on my back patio, enjoying some nice fall weather, finally.  The kids are enjoying being outside, enjoying the cooler weather, as well.  As I look around the yard and at the trees, and we have lots of trees… each one is different.  Some have lost most of their leaves, most are still very green (yes… I live in the south and it’s still in the 70s in November).  Some are changing colors, some are not, yet.  Each one in their own time.

Then I watch my kids play.  Each of them are similar in some ways, but each has a very distinct personality and set of interests.  Continue reading “Trees”