Leadership By Example

Yesterday was a Saturday like any other around our house.  We did some housework, played, and all the other stuff we usually do with one exception.  We had an electronics free day.  No TV.  No video games.  No phone or iPad.  No computer.  The amount of time spent on devices seems to be increasing around the house.  Partly because the kids are getting older and they use them for school work and learning how to do things.  Those things are great but Continue reading “Leadership By Example”

The Other Half Day

Sunday morning is perhaps one of the most controversial times of the week.  There are a wide range of offerings and in some places it seems there is a church on every corner.  Down the street from where I live, there are five churches in a one mile stretch of road.  They each do things a little different and teach things a little different.  Which one is right? Continue reading “The Other Half Day”